Nursing School Love

These two humans are special. Why, you ask? My husband and I had the privilege of attending the same nursing school as Paige and Chris. Chris was in our graduating class and Paige finished the following semester. They spent their first couple years of their career out of state and now have returned to twin cities. Chris and Paige are incredibly smart and talented nurses. My husband and I both know how incredible it is to share a similar life passion and career with your spouse. Chris and Paige have a built in understanding of each other's stress, workload, and fatigue that is unique to the nursing profession. Most importantly, as nurses, they have an innate drive to holistically care for each other. It was truly an honor to capture their love for an engagement session. Added bonus: we made a new fur friend, their sweet (and incredibly photogenic puppy) Harper. Can't wait for their wedding in June!

#engagment #puppy #love #fall #AftonStatePark #kisses

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