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What a joy it is to finally share my favorites from a truly unique and meaningful engagement session last fall! These two met in their freshman year of college at band camp...yes that does actually happen! Mike had written his number on Taylor's dorm room whiteboard but Taylor never texted him back. Though some might have become discouraged, he took matters into his own hands was finally able to get Taylor's number through her friend. For their first date, Mike took Taylor to get coffee and then to All Glazed Up where they painted sculptures for each other. This has turned into a annual romantic tradition (5 years strong). To propose, Mike had a scavenger hunt planned for Taylor bringing her back to all the important places of their relationship thus far. Of course these included where they shared coffee on their first date, Riverside Park where they enjoyed numerous hammock dates, the ballroom where they became "official", Taylor's freshman dorm room, and to the top of the bluffs. At the top of the bluffs is where Mike first professed his love for Taylor and also proposed to ask for her hand in marriage. With a love story like that, I knew instantly that I wanted their engagement photos to be true to their relationship and what makes it unique and meaningful! Being in the presence of their love is truly a blessing and I could not be more excited to capture their wedding day June 24


#engagment #bluffs #love #painting #tradition

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